Daniel’s Journal #27 – Where Did I Go?


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a journal piece, so I figured I’d drop a little something this morning. I’ve had my hands full as of late with various projects, writing and otherwise (mostly otherwise). But I’m still around, floating through the universe.

I’ve decided to quit the querying game. I’d like to think that it wasn’t a game, but that’s all it turned out to be. I know there a number of writers who have queried with success, landing that agent or publishing contact. Begging for it isn’t for me, though, and that’s what I felt like I was doing with each query letter.

This isn’t a defeat. It’s more of an epiphany. They aren’t looking for writers like me, those with fresh, fun stories for grown-up readers. If I can reach a handful of readers with something I put out independently, then I’ll be happy. Unlike some writers and authors pushing themselves on social media platforms, I’m OK with my current day job and writing on the side. Turning your passion into a job seems like it’ll defeat the purpose. But that’s just me.

But I didn’t intend to write about that… Not yet anyway.

I’ve been working on Blood Drive, and the final version is complete. I just need to examine the proof. After months of reading, doing the graphics, reading again, and everything else I kept changing in my head, it is finally ready.

Lost Women of the Admiral Inn will be next, but I’ll do that one during the summer. I’m more prepared for this one than I was for Blood Drive.

I’m also planning my future releases. Notably, I’m in Sci-Fi Hell and Kai the Swordsman will see a 2020 release each. And I’m working on some other novels with ideas for what’s coming next, and bla bla bla. Why do I feel people dozing when I start blabbering about my books.

Life throws you some curveballs, so you better know how to swing. Me? I tend to lean into it, so I can take my base. That’s shitty advice, but I’m the type of guy who needs to get lumped up before moving ahead.

I know that last sentence seems out of place, but that’s how it hits you. One minute you’re planning and mapping out what you want to do next, and then you’re nailed. Hit by pitch. Take your base.

We’re a resistant species, writers. We’re built to take out abuse and plough forward regardless, stronger than before. If I learned anything in the last six months, it’s that I don’t need big money to do what I love. I’d go broke if I did.

Keep it up, good people of the world. If you’ve gotten this far into this post, I applaud your efforts. This feels like an exercise in treading quicksand, and I thank you for reading.

If you are still here, I’m looking to trade with other writers/creators in the online community. I’m looking for beta readers and editors (perhaps) in exchange for graphics work, external and internal. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. You’ll see these newfound skills put to work on Blood Drive and Lost Women if you pick up one of the paperbacks once they’re released.

So that’s it for now. I’ll try to update more often with more random nonsense.

-Daniel Aegan

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