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Author Interview with Laura Loup (@lauraloupart)

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of my fellow authors, Laura Loup. I came across her on twitter some time go since we run with the same writing communities. I got her book, shopped at her online store, and wound up reading from the Tarot in Space deck she designed and drew.

Her and I both have books coming out this month, so I reached out to her to do this interview. There’s a lot about Laura I don’t know, so I took this opportunity to learn more.

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Daniel’s Journal #55 – You’re Not Allowed to Joke Anymore

“You can’t even make a joke anymore.”

“Everyone is too up their own asses with this PC bullshit.”

“George Carlin would have something to say about this!”

This is all I’ve been hearing lately. Everyone seems to be up in arms about not being able to tell a joke without suffering the most heinous of fallout. They’re so convinced everyone is out to get them for uttering something funny they’ve completely shut down.

Okay… So they haven’t. They just got a new soapbox upon which to whine.

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