Writer. Dark humorist. Tarot enthusiast.



Daniel Aegan writes out of New Haven, CT where he consults often with his Oracle and Muse to write and read the tarot. He’s a novelist with a penchant for humor mashed with sci-fi, fantasy, or horror. His most latest book is Excalibur Nights, focusing on a Connecticut electrician trapped inside a fantasy world. 

Excalibur Nights now available in Paperback or Kindle format on Amazon: Excalibur Nights on Amazon



Other books by Daniel Aegan:

Some secrets should stay dead and exiled. Kai the Swordsman knows this well, yet the secrets of his village keep haunting him and bringing up images from his bloody past. His fate is tied with those of whom he’s supposed to protect, and maybe the entire empire. 

Kai the Swordsman: The Imprisoned King


The Admiral Inn has a problem. Unlike most hotels, they’re not infested with bedbugs or mice. The problem at the Admiral is much worse. The spirits of eight deceased prostitutes haunt the hotel, and they’ve become more amorous. Can a team of a fallen priest, a washed-up reality TV ghost hunter, a sassy and knowledgeable maid, and a creepy bellhop expel and exorcise the whore ghosts in a single night?

Lost Women of the Admiral Inn


It’s all about the blood. Christian and Evan are two vampires with a whole van of it, stolen from a local donation drive. Can they get it to their masters on the other side of the country in time for their annual gala, or will a gun-toting priest finish them off before they have the chance?

Blood Drive 






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