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Get ready for one last drive.

Christian, Evan, and Father Matthew are back in the final installment of the Blood Drive saga, but they haven’t fully recovered from their last adventure. After separating following their failure to subdue the New Council, Evan and Father Matthew left to pursue a path of their own while Christian joined the clandestine organization called the Gray Cloaks.

Meanwhile, a new threat to vampires and humans alike has arisen in the form of an ancient Russian vampire named Dragoslav Kamenev. He’ll stop at nothing to take his place as the King of America. The manipulative and enigmatic vampire called Dorian Gray still stalks in Dragoslav’s shadow, waiting for his opportunity to strike.

To make matters more complicated, a new brood of vampires has been turned, and they’ve got a lot more than revenge on their minds. Can Evan and Father Matthew use them to finish America’s would-be king before he crowns himself? What role will Christian play as he attempts to atone for what he’d done in his past both recent and otherwise?

The King of America: Blood Drive 3 encapsulates everything about a vampiric America that reflects the sentiment and shortcomings of the real world. It’s a race against time to not only save a nation from itself, but from a fascist vampire who holds the future in his bloody fist.

Magic lies in the center of Raminath, but the path that leads there is full of pitfalls, predators, and an army of Acolyte soldiers. However, one rat has made a vow to find the Core and set things right in the land once and for all.

Only he can’t do it alone.

After a foretold disaster tears his life apart, Almond, a rat from the Heaps, gathers what he can and sets off on an adventure to make good on a promise he’d made to his sister. His best friend Oumar, a raccoon who knows his way around Raminath, joins him on the journey to Raminath’s Holy Land.

Hungry mouths, deadly claws, and a group of religious zealots who want to stop Almond and Oumar from finishing their quest surround them. Even Oumar’s father, a former warlord named Zed, is out for the blood of his son as the duo makes their way across Raminath to find what secrets have been stored at its Core. Can they get through treacherous places like the insidious Haven Ghetto, the nigh impossible maze of The Rat King’s Passage, and the putrid Sea of Cockroaches while being pursued in every direction?

The Adventures of Trash Rat weaves the reader through a perilous world of garbage and magic. Giant, hulking beasts called Providers bring bounties of food and supplies, but they come with the cost of an ever-changing landscape. The animals of Raminath have dug deep into the land creating a maze of tunnels and hiding places as they live their lives while playing the never-ending game of predator and prey. There’s no telling what lurks in darker places. If anyone knows for sure, it’s the Acolytes, and they aren’t telling anyone their secrets.

This marks Aegan’s tenth book, and his first foray into a fantasy world of anthropomorphic characters inspired by books like The Rats of NIMH and Watership Down.

When the world wants you to have nothing, take everything.

Dr. Everything is a supervillain who wants nothing short of that. He has the brains and the power to take it, but there is one annoying superhero standing in his way: The Courageous Cricket-Man. The irritating insect has been a thorn in Dr. Everything’s side for years, but the villain is not alone in his annoyance. He knows he can’t take the world on his own, so he’ll have to rely on a few fellow supervillains to aid him in his endeavor to rid Pristine City of its cricket infestation problem.

Osprey’s a brilliant inventor who can soar through the sky thanks to his own set of metallic wings and flight pack. He’s had a contentious past with Dr. Everything, but are they willing to put all that happened between them aside to destroy their common enemy?

Bad Juju and the Glamourous Gargoyle are former tag team partners turned supervillains, and Dr. Everything needs them as well. Bad Juju is a master illusionist who can turn reality on its head with a few muttered magic words, and Glam Gargoyle can wield enough Hellfire to turn her victims to ashes. Rounding out the team is Kilowatt, a surly miscreant and bank robber with electricity in his veins.

Despite their differences, these five villains are destined to become THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE!

Cricket-Man isn’t going to know what hit him, but defeating the black-suited bug may be the least of the Unfortunate Five’s problems. They’ll still have to deal with breaking out of prison, infighting among Pristine City’s other baddies, learning to work as a cohesive group, and all the other unknown variables that pop up in Dr. Everything’s exhaustive calculations.

But nothing worth having is ever given freely.

It’s a new semester at The Unholy Mother of the Demonic Child school. This would usually mean children returning to classes, peers catching up after a summer apart, and everyone getting ready to return to their evening classes. But that’s not the case this semester.

Tragedy and death have followed them to school this year, and it seems to be targeting the Unholy Mother’s second-year students. There is a mysterious fear around every corner, and no one knows what’s causing it. Even the school’s headmaster is dumbfounded at the state of his school. Not even the strongest of prayers to the Unholy Mother herself can save his pupils from the string of horrors that plague them.

Set in a macabre and all too possible future, Daniel Aegan strings together a story based in the history and religion of Cassandra, the Unholy Mother and her demonic son, Matan. You’ll be guessing till the very last page and praying your hardest for each of the Unholy Mother school’s students as if you were part of the class.

⚠Content Warning: This book contains scenes of grim and unforgiving death and other morbid fancies in a school setting. It also contains deep religious tones that may make some readers uncomfortable.

The world is a screwed-up place. None know that better than Ray Samson. He’s a hard-boiled Century City detective where anything can and does happen. He’s seen it all: illegal magic dealers, space alien immigrants, sex robot pimps, and a lot more than he cares to think about on a daily basis. The abnormal is his normal, though he doesn’t much like it.

One night, Ray follows an anonymous tip that turns his world more upside-down than it already is. He’s thrust into a world of magic, super-science, and shit he can’t even understand, and he finds himself on a world tour full of wizards, dinosaurs, amazons, supervillains, and a whole lot more. There’s a race against the clock to stop a mad scientist from ending all that is and ever was. Along with Nadya, the mad scientist’s daughter, and Andy Seven, his android partner, Ray must find a way to stop time and space from imploding into itself.

And he’s not even getting any overtime.

I’m in Sci-Fi Hell is Daniel Aegan’s culmination of satire and science fiction, all bombarded into one book that’s bursting with radiated goodness and sci-fi trope abuse. If you’re looking for action, laughs, and adventure, then look no further. The only way things can get any weirder is if you stick your head through a black hole.

Ready for another drive?

The High Council of Vampires is no more, but something else has emerged from the darkness to take its place. They call themselves the New Council, and they’ve taken ahold of America. Who are they, and what’s their agenda? How do they operate from the shadows while controlling the decimated vampire population? Are they malevolent, or do they have altruistic goals?

Christian and Evan are two vampires on a mission to find out. Along with their friend Father Matthew, a priest with a penchant for necessary violence, they’re gunning to stop the New Council before their stranglehold can no longer be broken. This means going undercover while avoiding hitmen, a vengeful werewolf, renegade holy men, and trappings from their own past.

The New Council: Blood Drive 2 is Daniel’s Aegan’s second trip into a vampiric realm full of comedic horrors, bloody satire, and fast-paced action. It’s the world of vampires that exists only in the shadows and dark corners. Buckle up, buckaroos! This trip is going to be bumpier than the last.

What happens when a perpetual man-child falls in love with a sex robot, only to have it turn into a killer? How does a scientist cope with the loss of his lover and raise their velociraptor? Can the death of a pop star really prevent a zombie apocalypse?

The answer to these and a lot of other questions you’d never think to ask are here. Visit realms of the human mind, outers space, and even the lands of the dead. The nine short stories in this collection are unapologetic, darkly funny, and skirt the knife’s edge between relevance and obscurity.

Meet Chickie, an exterminator who has just taken a job in a house made out of candy. Have some lunch over at Manny’s Burgers and Fries, where the owner has a new item on the menu. Spend some time with Andy and Pete as they figure out how to deal with the unexpected gift from space aliens growing inside Andy’s body.

Double Zero is a comedic science fiction anthology with nine stories from author Daniel Aegan. Each one was inspired by his love for the genre and his incessant want to mash everything into a fine paste and turn the stories against their creator. If that doesn’t make sense now, it will once you’ve read and experienced the stories in this collection. So what are you waiting for?

Excalibur Nights is just a book… Or is it?

What is Ralph supposed to know about fantasy books meant for young adults anyways? He’s an electrician by trade, and he’s way too old to be reading about princesses, castles, and centaurs. Who has time for that kind of nonsense in their lives when you have a job, an ex-wife, and bills to worry about?

But then Abby came along and ruined Ralph’s blissful ignorance. She introduced him to the book and movie series that changed his life. Her obsession leaked into their budding relationship. To make matters a hell of a lot worse, Ralph found himself magically transported to the fantasy world of Mariella.

You read that last sentence right.

Now Ralph is trapped inside the world of Excalibur Nights with no idea why and no way to get home. Does he go along with the story and try to woo Princess Abbie, the literary counterpart to the girlfriend he left behind in the real world? And what does he do about the love triangle between himself, the princess, and the centaur named Poe? He doesn’t know enough about the genre to untangle the mess of crisscrossing mythos, magic, and royal drama.

Excalibur Nights by Daniel Aegan is an unapologetic story that spins the fantasy genre on its head. Come on… You know they had it coming!

It’s a fairy tale etched in blood; a pitch-black fantasy. The secrets of one man’s past reverberate in the present, and those secrets have the power to topple a complacent empire.

The village of Umi no Mura knows nothing but peace. They’re far from the capital of the empire, far from crime and poverty. They fend for themselves, fishing and farming for what they need. They have only one protector: an exiled swordsman named Kai.

Kai has a past he cannot escape. His dreams are haunted by blood and demons, and his waking world is haunted by the sins he committed in the name of his Emperor. Umi no Mura has its secrets, and Kai can’t help but feel they’re somehow tied to his checkered past.

Deep in the heart of the empire sits Emperor Aki-Jin, who is more obsessed with immortality than he is with his people. He was once a friend of Kai in his childhood, but that friendship led them down a path that ended in blood and wrath. He kept his old friend alive, making his sword grow rusty as the protector of a village that needs no protecting.

The atrocities of Emperor Aki-Jin reflect in the waves of the ocean. The swordsman Kai who would die to protect has an impossible choice ahead of him as Umi no Mura faces the harshest of days. Does Kai turn to Aki-Jin and doom them to another threat, or does he rescue them and make them enemies of their own emperor? What clues in Kai’s past can help him in his present dilemma? What chaos will be inflicted if past and present enemies collide with a lone swordsman in the middle of it all?

The Admiral Inn has a problem. It’s haunted by the ghosts of eight dead prostitutes. They’ve become more amorous, and the hotel’s manager is fed up with them. He needs to find help for his spirit problem, and he calls on a disgraced priest and a former reality TV ghost hunter to exorcise the whore ghosts. Alongside two of Curt’s employees, they must face each ghost one by one.

Halloween night is when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. This is the one chance the makeshift team of exorcists has to rid the admiral inn of its unwanted guests. But something has been fueling the spirits of the ladies of the evening. They’ll find the task at hand is easier said than done once they face each woman. The team will have to battle possessions, illusions, poltergeists, and even a roller disco of the dead.

Lost Women of the Admiral Inn is Daniel Aegan’s second published book, taking his love of horror, the occult, and dark comedy to a whole new level. You’ll have frights and fun, but be warned: you may not want to check out in the morning.

Ride or die.

Not that you have a choice.

Christian and Evan are a pair of vampires on a mission. All they have to do is drive a van of stolen blood across the country in time for their High Council’s annual gala. What could be easier? But their path is lined with obstacles and enemies. Father Matthew, a trigger-happy priest, is hot on their trail, and a couple of New Jersey mobsters are right behind him.

Blood Drive is Daniel Aegan’s first book. He proves in this comedic action story that vampires no longer have to sparkle. Christian and Evan have clashing personalities, and Bart, their werewolf compatriot, is anything but fluffy and cuddly. Even Father Matthew has a dark side.

This coast-to-coast trip is full of the kind of adventure and violence you’d expect from such an uncanny cast of supernatural miscreants. Prepare to be treated to chases, blood lust, torture, kidnapping, firefights, and much more. You’ll want to take another ride as soon as it’s over.

Just hope they all don’t kill each other first.

**This text has not been approved by the American High Council of Vampires