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Daniel’s Journal #28 – Adventures in Formatting

Good morning, writers, readers, and human beings. I’m going to address those self-publishing authors or those who plan on self-publishing their work. If you’re querying, not a writer, or just feel you’re above the act of publishing yourself, you can read anyway. You may find something helpful.

Formatting. Amazingly enough, it is often overlooked. You’ve written your book, have had it edited, and you are ready to release it into the world. But is your book really ready?

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Daniel’s Journal #26 – Dehumanizing Yourself to Feed the Ego of Others

“Is is what it is.”

“That’s the business for you.”

“The process was set up this way for a reason.”

Level with it all you want. Make excuses. Lie to yourself if it helps you deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with putting yourself out there as an asset, conforming your words to match what they want them to be, and making yourself a whore to the “business”.

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Daniel’s Journal #22 – Prologues: A Rebuttal to Alexis

I’d like you all to take a moment to thank Alexis Ames for continuing her discussions on social media about her negative opinion on prologues. I respectfully disagree with her that they are completely unnecessary, but I see her point (kind of).

This blog piece are my views on prologues. If you want Alexis’s point of view on the subject, you’ll have to ask her.

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