Daniel’s Journal #48 – WIP Wednesday: The “Take a Break” Edition

Yes. I’m blogging for a second time this week, and this one is about writing. No, I’m not talking to myself. Yes, I still enjoy really long titles.

Ever reach the point of story burnout? That’s when you pour everything you have into something you’re writing, and you just need to step the hell away from it. It’s like your kid. Sure, you love them to death, but sometimes daddy needs a break just to take a shit and read two chapters in the serenity of the bathroom.

I’m making this up as I go along, I swear.

This isn’t a writing advice piece disguised as work in progress update. It just so happens to be one in the same this time. I wouldn’t trick you like that, would I? OK. I might.

I only bring it up this way because I reopened The New Council: Blood Drive 2 after taking a brief hiatus from it to beta-read a friend’s book, write two short stories, and write an entire 90k word novel. Well… Maybe the hiatus wasn’t as brief as I had intended.

Which brings me to the point, one of them anyway. Sometimes you need to step away. Take a breather. Give your characters a break from you. I took my break from New Council after 33k words. I stepped back into it Monday, and I just passed 40k last night. I came up with some new ideas and plot points, and the book will be a force with which to be reckoned because of it.

I think I hit both points there. You have your New Council update. As more people read Blood Drive, the readers ask for more. It really did beg for a sequel or *gasp* a series.

But I’m getting away ahead of myself.

I guess that’s a good a place as any to wrap this up. Your imagination is a muscle, and it gets tired sometimes, especially if you focus on one thing too long. I should know since mine seems to be more overactive than most.

Keep those words pumping, fellow writers. Just know when to give it a rest.

-Daniel Aegan


Since I mentioned Blood Drive a dozen or so times, why not check it out?

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

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