Daniel’s Journal #44 – It’s Been a Spell…

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve updated here. I’ve been tweeting, but that’s about it. If the last few blog entries I did post were any indicators, then you could probably guess why I’ve been quiet.

Anyway, I’m back.

Not that I went away. I just haven’t had anything longform to say (he says while writing two novels at once). You know what I mean. It’s good to let that gloom out of yourself, but even venting to an audience who may or may not give a shit gets exhausting.

And that’s how I’ve been: exhausted. In one way or another, I’m tired, so very tired. I’m waiting for the manic upswing, but it’s taking its time. I know it’ll be here soon, but all I can do for now is wait.

Life moves on, whether you’re ready or not. I’m ready. My bags are all packed. I’ve forwarded my mail. So come pick me up. I’ll be sitting on this stump in the bottom of a ditch.

That’s symbolism. Google it.

-Daniel Aegan


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Blood Drive

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