Daniel’s Journal #17 – I’ll Get to It Next Year

This is in response to a thing on Twitter. Someone was discussing what they hope to accomplish in 2019. A few people were doing this actually. December isn’t even half over, and people are already doing New Year’s resolutions.

I’m living in the moment more. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. If something spectacular happens next year, then it happens. I’m pushing myself toward the goal of publication. I’ve written my butt off, and I feel any one of my finished books is ready to hit the scene hard.

Is 2019 the year? I think so, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing. The writing community is strong, I’ve joined a local group, I have a ton of ideas to get down on paper, and my prose is as strong as ever.

If anything, I’ll focus on what’s to be written next year. I have my started projects: Operation: Maximum Chaos and Excalibur Nights. I’ll be working on both of those while querying my four completed novels. I also have a shory story collection that needs finishing and I’m toying with the concept of making a novel out of three or four novellas and/or novelettes.

I guess I need to make a declaration to 2019. If I had to, I guess I’d say 2019 is going to be a big year for me. I got the goods, the conduit with which to deliver them, and the wherewithal and will to get it done.

Look for big things next year. They’re coming.

-Daniel Aegan

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