Daniel’s Journal #4 – The Return

I’m back.

I wasn’t gone too long, but I’m back.

I took a trip to the moral wasteland that is Disney World. It was fun, but I learned nothing from my misadventures.

Sure, I rode the rides, took part in the gluttonous intake of mass amounts of terrible-for-you food, and drained my bank account, but I’m not feeling morally refreshed from my time away from real life.

What does it mean to be “morally refreshed” anyway? I know it’s a term that I, myself, just figuratively coined a moment ago, but how does one accomplish such a task? Religious confession/repentance? Purging of the negative energies in one’s life? The purity of cleansing fire?

OK… Maybe, just maybe, I’m looking too much into it. If you’re seeking to renew your soul’s vigor and want to be more righteous, Disney World isn’t for you. It isn’t for me either for that matter. It was a good trip, though. Did I say that already? We had fun, and the Avatar ride kicks ass.

I was drained by life. It was sucked from me by the teats, and not in a fun way. Also, I was shamed for publicly teat-feeding life my essence, and that’s just wrong on so many levels. When will society be OK with it?!

I’m floating away from my topic. What was it? Becoming morally refreshed or something? Hold on… I got this.

Refreshing one’s system begins at home, not abroad. Meditation, introspection, and other big words are needed if you want to feel better about yourself and want to truly be refreshed. Going to a large park with way too many jerks isn’t going to do anything to defrag and uncorrupt your soul.

You about done with the computer references? Me too.

Let me end here since I started this post days ago and never finished. I never got “refreshed”. I got a head cold instead. Let’s reboot and try again.

-Daniel Aegan

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