Daniel’s Journal #67 – Queer is Not a Genre and Star Lord is Bi

I’ve said this before, but sometimes these things bear repeating. I don’t think books with queer characters need to in an LGBTQ genre. I think they should be on the shelves in whatever genre the book represents.

So that’s it. That’s all I wanted to say. I could have fit that in a tweet (and I did), but it’s here now for all to see.

Oh, and Star Lord is bisexual and polyamorous.

These two things are related in the context of this blog post. Marvel has come a long way with its inclusion. I won’t list all the queer characters in this canon since I’m not entirely sure who is and isn’t out of the closet. But they don’t need a separate Queer Marvel brand to have gay and bisexual characters off on their own. They’re part of the Marvel Universe. They’re X-Men and Avengers. They’re Defenders and Guardians of the Galaxy. Hell, they’re probably even New Warriors, Agents of Atlas, and Pet Avengers.

Cue the neck-beards of the net-yet-banned nexus of YouTube. I’m sure they’re furiously making videos to combat that Star Lord shouldn’t be bisexual and the Gay Agenda (note the capital letters) is killing comics. They, for one, will be boycotting Marvel.

This of course is bullshit. They boycott everything and the multiverse keeps on spinning. I’m here for the inclusion, and I’m here for Marvel making their characters loud and proud about who they are.

That’s it. I was just a little happy is all. You may go about your lives again. Thanks for reading and check my ad at the bottom and all that.

Oh, wait… One more thing.

I don’t really give a shit what Chris Pratt thinks about it. His last name is Pratt for a reason.

-Daniel Aegan


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