Daniel’s Journal #59 – Moving On…

It’s okay to walk away and move on. We all make mistakes, and sometimes you need to put them all behind you.

I know what you’re thinking: “Great! Sage-like wisdom from this asshole with a blog!”

Maybe you need to hear it. Hell, maybe I just need to say it. Either way, you’re reading this and getting a dose of Monday morning motivation or whatever.

The easiest person to disappoint is yourself. I know this well. I had a goal recently. I wanted to finish writing my latest book by the end of 2019. Well… I missed the mark, and I’m still working on concluding that 100k word monster.

But why beat myself up? The end of the year was busy, and then I was waylaid by the damn flu. It set me back a handful of weeks. Doesn’t mean I’m a shitty writer. Just means I’m a human and subject to hot messes from time to time.

Last year can be summed up with a pile of steaming disasters, one after another. I’ve dwelled on that heap, along with my failure to finish my book. I’m leaving it there, in the past. That’s where it belongs. I’m looking forward, finishing what I need to finish, building new structures, and moving on with my life. I’m not even taking baby steps. Fuck that noise.

So I’ll see you all in the funny pages. Stick with me, and we’ll make 2020 our year. I know these damn blogs don’t get around like they used to, but I thank you all for taking the time to waste with me. Get something done today and pay it forward. Get something more done tomorrow. By the end of the week have more shit done. Measure success in attempts, not completions.

So that’s enough of my nonsensical motivational rant piece. Did you get something out of it? I hope so. Maybe I’ll be back to being a downer soon enough. I know everyone loves that! 👀

-Daniel Aegan


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