Daniel’s Journal #56 – Shouting for Jessica

“JESSICA!” I shouted, standing in my backyard.

I waited for a response, but none came. Sound travels fast, or so I’ve heard. I’ve never personally timed it myself. I could drive to her in a day and a half or so, but how long till she hears her name?


She’d hear me. My throat was going to end up sore and I’d cough myself to sleep, but I was determined to get her attention.

Peaceful isn’t quiet. She told me that. “You can’t have peace without a huge slice of chaos,” I had replied.

She told me to shout at her later, so there I was.


I wasn’t sure how many states or timezones were between us, but that didn’t matter. I had my tarot cards on the grass by my feet, my reference book beside them, and my empathic senses turned to eleven.

Come Jessica or the apocalypse, I was going to get a response.


I’ve recognized that I’ve done some narcissistic shit over the years. I recognize I still do from time to time.

As an empath, narcissists seek me out.

As an empath, the narcissist within my body tries to break free.

As a screamer, I scream for Jessica.




-Daniel Aegan

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