Daniel’s Journal #55 – You’re Not Allowed to Joke Anymore

“You can’t even make a joke anymore.”

“Everyone is too up their own asses with this PC bullshit.”

“George Carlin would have something to say about this!”

This is all I’ve been hearing lately. Everyone seems to be up in arms about not being able to tell a joke without suffering the most heinous of fallout. They’re so convinced everyone is out to get them for uttering something funny they’ve completely shut down.

Okay… So they haven’t. They just got a new soapbox upon which to whine.

This is a crutch, and it’s not a new one either. Someone is offended by something you say, so you go crying to your friends how unfair it is that you can’t say what you used to because of this new wave of PC culture or whatever these snowflakes are touting.

Blah blah blah… I’ve been hearing this on and off since the nineties. I do believe you sound like a discount Al Bundy.

He’s my point (I’ll get to it quicker than usual this time): Yes, you can joke. You can joke about anything you want. That’s your right as an American with freedom of whatever the fuck you want.


Your job has the right to fire you for calling a homosexual employee a fairy. Your in-laws have the right not to invite you over after dropping an n-bomb during the Giants game. Your friends have the right to block your number after sending them all that trans porn you found so hilarious.

It’s not that you don’t have the right to do all that. It’s that you’re getting called out for being an asshole, and you don’t like it.

And just to be clear: All those examples I used were real situations and consequences. I wasn’t trying to be cute. All that really happened to dickheads I know who like to bitch about how they can’t say anything anymore.

Let’s take me for example since I’m calling people out left and right. Do I make offensive jokes and write non-PC stuff? Hell yeah. All the time. Do I expect to get called out on some of it? Also yes. Do go crying about how I’m “not allowed” to do it? Fuck no. I take my lumps, dust myself off, and move on with my life.

Here’s another tidbit about me: I’m not easily offended, but I can be. I am on a constant basis by these scumbags at work with their constant gay jokes at one another’s expense. Do they have the rights to say that? Yes, they do, but it’s my right to call them a bunch of dildos for doing it. And that, my friends, is a right I exercise often.

Let me make one last point that I’m not talking about celebrities or social media “personalities”. They’re the worst with this. Comedians like their jokes, and pushing the envelope with what you can and supposedly can’t say has been a mainstay for as long as this gen-xer can remember. The problem now is people having outlets, ie: Twitter, to voice their disgust and call these comedians out. And these funny guys can’t handle it.

After all, they’re just trying to be funny… Right?

Keep in mind, too, that this is a hot-button trend for these dinosaur-brained bigots to stay relevant in today’s social climate. “They don’t want me to day this” or “I’m not allowed to talk about that” are just ways to keep you watching, thinking: “The libs aren’t gonna like hearing this guy!” The main problem is that it’s working.

Let me touch on George Carlin before I close this since I mentioned him at the top. I’ve seen so many people claiming to know what his opinion on our current society and political climate would be. Hell, I even see outdated standup clips of him doing bits that can make him sound like he susports whatever side based on the context of how it’s set up.

The fact is that no one knows what George Carlin would say or where he’d side rigt now. He was a master of calling out bullshit, and bullshit is everywhere now. There’s no doubt he’d have a profound and entertaining opinion on everything we’ve been through in the last few years, but I can’t even guess what that would be. And neither do you. Nor do these idiots posting his clips all over Twitter and Facebook to declare he would have owned the libs or ruined the alt right.

We just don’t know, so stop fucking assuming and pissing all over his legacy.

I’ll end this coming back to the coworker who keeps claiming he’s not allowed to joke anymore. Earlier this year, we were joking around about politics. He’s a MAGA maniac, and I’m of a sound mind and body. I made the joke that his mother performed oral sex on Joseph Stalin. He was so mad he didn’t talk to me for a solid month.

And what a great month that was.

Keep joking and keep offending. Keep calling out assholes and dodging the jabs of those you offend.

-Daniel Aegan


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