Daniel’s Journal #47 – Insert Title Here

Did I do that “insert title” gag already? Oh well…

I feel like I haven’t posted many updates lately. I checked. There was just one in the last month. I remember promising myself to do this at least twice a week, but I fell behind on it. No Monday Motivation. No WIP Wednesday. No anything.

Well, I’m posting today, danmit!

A lot has happened in recent weeks. Got back into the tarot. Been writing like crazy. Got two new tattoos. The usual stuff. But I haven’t been doing this public journal thing.

My mind falls into odd patterns sometimes. I’m on something like flies on doggie diarrhea. But something else always ends up sacrificed. It’s a joke of mine with those who know me well that I can only focus on one issue at a time, but that focus is laser-like.

So I’ve been writing. I’ve been doodling. I’ve been reading. I’ve used this summer this far to focus on my mind, but the physical world took a back seat. At almost forty (shut the fuck up), I’m still trying hard to maintain balance of self and mind-self. It took some time, but my mind is in a good place. I’ve accepted things I couldn’t before, and I’m comfortable with my lot in life. I couldn’t have said that a couple of months ago.

Things are ever changing. My next post could be me cursing the gods for not destroying the planet when they had the chance. I might be comparing my life to a puddle of blood and bile. I might be ready to punch a hole right through the whole damn universe.

But hopefully I’ll keep this optimism.

Take the negative. Never disregard it. Pour it on the page and make the ink suffer instead of yourself. Take the darkness and mold it into something you can love.

I took a pile of dark aura and mashed it into a ninety-thousand word story of woe and accomplishment on which I’m proud to put my name. Everyone needs a hobby.

Love may be fleeting, but we all last forever in the halls our souls walk when our worlds end. Learn to love the shadow who walks beside you. You’ll never be alone.

-Daniel Aegan


This is the part where I advertise my book. Check it out for some excitement and laughs.

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

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