Daniel’s Journal #46 – I’m Just Ducky. Thanks for Asking

Today is just… meh.

Allow me to elaborate.

I saw a coworker in the breakroom. I was having my coffee and doing a bit of writing. I had the same brainless swill that constitutes a workplace conversation I always fake my way through. When asked “how are you?” this particular coworker replied he was “just ducky”.

What the fuck does that even mean… “just ducky”? I’ve heard it before, but I’ve never given it much thought if at all. Is he saying he feels like a rubber bath toy shaped like a duck, floating around a tub of warm water while some kid splashes around and pisses in his or her own bathwater? Why even share such a sentiment?

Or maybe he means it more literal than that. Maybe he feels like he’s covered in feathers, floating on a pond, eating breadcrumbs retirees toss him from a park bench. He shakes his tail feathers, trying off his ass, getting ready to fly to another pond or wherever ducks go. Again, I ask why tell me this particular feeling? Might as well admit to being a furry.

Maybe he meant the definition of “ducky”, charming or delightful. I’ve never known this guy to be either, so it figures his comment was oozing with sarcasm. Or maybe I just felt like an asshole and wrote a few paragraphs about this ducky motherfucker just to amuse myself.

Still… In my head, this guy’s a fuckin duck.

And that’s all I got.

-Daniel Aegan


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