Daniel’s Journal #45 – Not Another #WIPWednesday

Good morning, blog fans. I’m back! OK… So I didn’t really go anywhere. It’s just been a while since I updated you guys or came up with a decent blog topic.

So here’s one!

Has anything ever gotten its claws in you so hard it won’t let go? No, I’m not talking about your aunt’s parakeet. I’m talking about my Muse. She got me, alright. She hit me out of nowhere with this idea that just needed to be spewed out of me. Before I had time to stop and assess, I was coming up on 50k words.

That’s the golden number, right? If the Nanowrimoites (not a real term) have taught me anything, it’s that you don’t have a book until your story is at least 50k words.

So this book… I did a minor graphic…

That’s not necessarily the cover if I ever publish the bastard, but it’s some half-decent concept art.

This is one of those stories that mutates as you write it. I keep adding to the outline, finding new ways to torture my characters, and the ending was rewritten three times now. Even at 50k, I’m nowhere near wrapping this thing up.

The Unholy Mother of the Demonic Child is a boarding school that teaches Cassandraism as well as academics. I created a new religion for this story too. It’s a great one, and part of me hope it takes off (even if it’s highly unlikely).

The story focuses on twelve thirteen-year-old students in their second year attending Unholy Mother. They have their ups. They have their downs. Some may die. Some may not. That’s school for you!

The format and style were heavily influenced by the Dune series. If you’ve read it, you know what I mean. I really enjoyed the subtlety of Herbert’s world building and storytelling.

Once this one’s done, I want to dive back into the Blood Drive sequel. That one was at 33k when I put it down to beta-read for a friend, write a couple of short stories, and start this new one. I need to quit sleep and focus on these books!

So that’s it. There’s your update. I need to work my real job to pay bills and whatnot.

Keep reading, writing, and creating!

-Daniel Aegan


Want something I’ve actually finished and published?

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan


You can also read my latest short story Happily Ever Raptor in the latest issue of Prismatica Magazine!

Prismatica Issue 3

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