Daniel’s Journal #42 – We Lowly Humans

How does one stay foolishly positive in the face of the walls closing in on them? I feel we’re doomed as a species, and no one cares. Let’s talk about chubby royal babies and that show with dragons and the siblings that fuck each other. Let’s do that instead of considering that our air supply is poison and our corporate-owned government overlords are killing our future generations for profit while we watch and wait for a savior that doesn’t exist.

No…? Fuck it. I don’t want to be a downer.

Rainbows and puppy dogs and blue skies and candy. Celebrity couples and fat-faced infants and televised dopamine.

Feel better yet?

Let’s talk about Jesus. Hear me out… Let’s say for sake of argument that he was a man. Not the son of God, a human man. Now let’s examine how much bullshit is carried out in his name because he was crucified for wanting to help people instead of falling in line with what his government wanted. The ultimate sin of the Church (with a capital C) was twisting Jesus’ life and death to further control the masses, molding them into their image, making them control one another so they wouldn’t have to. The people saw him as a savior, and the stories written in his name used that to make him into something he wasn’t: Evil.

And it was a good plan. It worked. How many of us can say they didn’t steal candy bars from the corner store for fear of burning in Hell for it?

Alright. That wasn’t as optimistic as I thought it would be.

Here’s another tidbit: Why does pain feel so good when everything that’s supposed to bring you pleasure brings you nothing?

*cricket sounds*

They’re after our freedom of self-awareness. If they aren’t now, they will be. You’re either one of them or one of us. The middle ground is all but gone. Have a valid opinion or fuck off. Oh yeah… If your opinion differs from mine, fuck off anyway.

Is your soul tortured? You’re probably interesting. Can you hurt me? You’d make a great friend. Are you a victim of your own negativity? Sure I’ll give you money!

That’s enough for today. The man wants his work done, and I got people and animals to feed. The life of a servant never ends until it ends.

Good luck with yourselves.

-Daniel Aegan


Here’s something different: A link to my first published book, Blood Drive. I highly recommend it. Then again, I wrote it. I may be biased. But it’s about vampires!

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

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