Daniel’s Journal #40 – Mondays, Motivation, and Jesus Complexes

I am the rough in which you find a diamond. My mind is unkempt, a box of wasps and spiders. I’m ready, willing, and able to use cliches to prove a point.

…or it’s just Monday and I feel like journaling nonsense

Who was it that said you need two intertwining storylines to write a book? Was that something from Stephen King’s On Writing, or did I pick that up from some fad advice tweeter?

Anyway, I’ve never taken that bit of writing advice to heart. I’ve never taken any writing advice from people online to heart. I didn’t even take everything King wrote in On Writing to heart.

But back to my point. Intertwining storylines come naturally to me. Maybe because I’ve read so much and seen a ton of movies to know this, and it’s been embedded into my brain. The more plots and side-plots, the harder it gets to follow, though. That being said, what of one, singular plotline?

It’s straightforward and concise. There’s twists, but they don’t rely heavily on betrayal. There are surprises. There’s suspense. It’s all there in a single, linear story.

Does that still make it boring to tell?

Jesus complexes. An abrupt change in subject brings us here. I’m through with these in stories along prophecies and the one and only savior not knowing they were born to be their story’s version of Jesus. I’ve had my fill.

Someone brought this up the other day (maybe Alexis Ames), and I’ve come to agree after reading Dune and half of Dune Messiah.

That’s it. That’s what’s on my mind this morning. To hear more of my nonsense, follow me on Twitter: @Daniel_Aegan.


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