Daniel’s Journal #24 – An Addendum to My Last Post

Hi. I’m Daniel Aegan, human.

If you read my last post “Potential Energy and Hidden Conduits”, you may have some questions. I know a couple of Twitter followers did. I’m just going to clear the air. Keep in mind these are just my interpretations and feelings.

Not everyone fits the norm. Empaths, like myself, aren’t a rarity, but a lot of them don’t know they are one. Narcissists, on the other hand, come in two varieties: Those who don’t know they’re narcissists (the most common) or those who don’t care.

My own personal study of energy comes from interactions. People don’t know I can feel them. I don’t tell people of this in real life. It makes you sound crazy, and I don’t need to be asked a thousand questions like I’m claiming to be a psychic.

Some time ago, I hit my own bottom, and I hit it hard. I may have shown signs of narcissism before it happened, I don’t know. I would have been the type who didn’t know.

When I dragged myself up from the pit my life became, I was more in tune with the energy people gave off. I was always a “psychic sponge” (as I was called when I was young), but I felt it more. I was always able to read people, but now I was able to put together the story.

I’ve sat back and watched loved ones, other enpaths, deal with the narcissism they invited into their lives. I eluded to this in my other post, how enpaths and narcissists attracted one another in an unhealthy polar attraction. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself as a bystander, I may not believe it. All I could do was advise and help as best I could.

Love is an energy, one created by chemical reactions in our brains. If your battery is depleted, it takes time to love again. There has been countless words of wisdom and advice that points back to that fact. Time doesn’t heal. It gives you the opportunity to heal yourself.

That’s more than I wanted to say. I didn’t want to get to personal or drown you in my explanations. It’s only Monday after all…

So keep clear of negative energies and those who will sully your positive influence, even those unaware of what they truly are. The do deserve compassion, but I’m learning to do it from afar, removing myself from their flux fields.

As always, be true to your energy.

-Daniel Aegan

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