Daniel’s Journal #23 – Potential Energy and Hidden Conduits

Some days I feel like I’ll rot from the inside unless I occupy my mind. My head is a capacitor, storing energy until it can be used in a quick shot before it goes back to its absorbing state.

I’m working on my conduits, checking for opens and shorts in the wiring. I need to focus on my mind, leaving the outside influences to themselves.

I’ve been training my mind, making it more adept to focus on the spiritual energy around us at all times. The only problem is it opens the third eye to all energies.

A negative energy surrounds me now. It snuck up on me like a tiger-ninja. I don’t know who brought it or how to push it away. It feels like a thick fog, enveloping all who get too close.

An empath will attract narcissists. Opposites attract, or so they say. One heals, while the other creates chaos. One feels like it needs the other, but it’s a falsity, a misrepresentation of energies. If you burn too hot for too long, you’ll burn out. One gives and one takes. Etcetera.

I’ve been burnt out by the energy vampires in my life in the past. One cannot simply change their spiritual polarity. It can be done, but through hardship. The kind if mental fortitude it takes isn’t something a narcissist is willing to go through, not when the next empathic energy bearer is waiting for them.

A narcissist is good at disguising themselves too. Before you’ve realized it, you’re caught in their net, being sapped by their hidden nodes.

What’s it mean to hit bottom in this situation? Is it to be completely drained, left as an empty container on the floor in the basement? Why does one need to be so low so the other can be high?

These are the questions that plague my mind. I put them in terms I can understand so I may be able to answer them. I think as human beings as electrical components, their souls and personal energies as a form or electricity. It feeds in one direction, power dissipating at the resistances.

Burning out.

Leaving waste.

One can be a capacitor, as I described myself in one particular moment. Others can be generators. Some are resistances. Energy can be DC or ot can be AC, conductive or impassive. It depends on the individual, really. There are thousands of combinations and formulas, and we are one huge spiritual circuit.

Sometimes you need a recharge or a new power source when the negative influences in your life, the so-called energy vampires, leave you empty. A new love or a new experience is a good back-up battery, platonic or otherwise.

Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. But it can be used, transferred, dissipated. How we make use of our souls shapes how we’re seen by the unseen. Allowing others to misuse your energy on their personal resistances is a drain your soul may not be able to bear.

Be mindful of where your energy flows. Don’t burn out.

-Daniel Aegan


  • Good entry. I can relate. I’ve been doing my best to be more in tune spiritually as well. It’s tough with all the distractions. I’m thinking about taking spiritual baths again, doing some house cleansing and the whole nine yards. It’s all true what you say. Powerful stuff!

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