Daniel’s Journal #13 – Just Another WIP Wednesday

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last updated this blog. I also can’t believe I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday post in so long. You want it? You got it!

As always, please enjoy my faux book covers too. I can’t seem to make a serious go on a book without making one.

First off, I finished Kai the Swordsman, but you might have known that. Kai is an exiled samurai living in the small fishing village of Umi no Mura as their lone protector. But the village has its secrets, not unlike Kai himself.

The first draft is done. I have some work to do on the second round, filling in the gaps and spicing up the story. This book falls into the fantasy genre, and I’ll probably be able to query it around springtime next year.

Speaking of querying, Blood Drive, an action/comedy about a pair of vampires, a redneck werewolf, and a gun-toting priest had a final draft and is ready to go out into the world.

Now onto my unfinished work…

I started two new books once Kai reached its first draft conclusion. The first is a robotic sci-fi romp full of teen angst, thrills, and mechanical violence called Operation: Maximum Chaos. I’ve written just under five-thousand words so far, and I keep going back to tweak the outline. Some major twists popped in my head that sets up the action of part one (my brain tends to put everything into three). When it’s all said and done, this should be a really fun read.

Finally, I started a book called Excalibur Nights. All I’ve done so far was the outline, prologue, and faux cover (you know I did one already). This started out as a romantic comedy with a literary twist, but it remained stagnant and frankly a little boring. Then, out of nowhere, I had the idea to use a little inspiration from John Candy, using elements from his movie Delirious. I won’t reveal too much now since I’ve only just started, but this fantasy/comedy should be entertaining as hell to write (and I hope for you to read).

And you can thank my brother for talking me into putting a sexy centaur in it.

So that’s it. The update wasn’t too painful, was it? I’m always writing, so the hits will keep on coming. I’ll be querying them as they’re ready, so keep your fingers crossed!

-Daniel Aegan

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