Daniel’s Journal #7 – My Brain is my Greatest Saboteur

I’ve been derailed once again. More specifically: My WIP, Kai the Swordsman, has been derailed. I’m more than two-thirds done with my first draft, and then some other idea comes along so strong, demanding my attention!

So what’s this new idea? It’s as far from a samurai fantasy novel you can get I assume. It’s a sci-fi comedy novel titled Operation: Maximum Chaos.

Not much is known about O:MC, other than by me and my eight-year-old daughter, who helped me come up with the concept and plot points. I have a rough outline sketched out and a single page written. I haven’t even made a faux cover yet!

In an America where robots have taken over the government and every household in their cold, steel grasp, a high-school student named Valeria Munson exacts revenge by playing pranks on her metallic overlords.

…or something like that.

I also want to take a moment to blame Alexis Ames for talking so much about robots and androids that this idea came to life from a bedtime story I made up off the cuff.

But what’s this mean for Kai? I want to keep my focus on him. I’m so close to concluding his tale, and it would be a shame to move on so callously when he’s so close to the end. His was supposed to be a short story, then a novella, and now he’s a full-legnth novel. He’s owed my attention for growing as well as he has.

I can put Valeria’s robotic world on hold, right? I’m sure she’s patient enough to deal with me completing Kai before I tell her story of robotics, dirty politics, high-school anarchy, and slapstick pranking.

Hey… Keep in mind this is a joint plot based on a thirty-seven-year-old man and an eight-year-old girl. It’s going to be all over the place.

And I haven’t forgotten about Anton either, the main character from my spooky story about a demon who’s stalking a drug dealer in the projects of one of New Haven’s worst neighborhoods, The Demoness of Grand Courts. You’re still on my list.

So I’ll conclude this now as I add more book ideas to my internal library, hoping to get them all out of me before they destroy my brain from the inside.


Daniel Aegan

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