Daniel’s Journal #3 – Happy Birthday, Will Smith

Here’s a story inspired by Will Smith’s fiftieth birthday.



Jayden Smith awakened in his lush bedroom on the morning of his father, actor Will Smith’s, fiftieth birthday. There was a card on his nightstand with the phrase “Happy Birthday, Son” written on the front in big, red letters.

It wasn’t his birthday, but Jayden opened the card anyway. There was a picture of a cartoon puppy blowing out the candles on a bone-shaped cake on the front. On the inside, where a birthday pun should have been, was a note written in his father’s handwriting.

“Dearest Jayden, my son,” it read, “I am fifty years old today. When you kill me, all that is mine becomes yours.”

Jayden put the card down on his comforter, his heart racing. He knew this day would come. He had dreaded it since the day his father told him about their fringe belief system when he was just a child, but it always seemed so far away.

But the day had arrived, like he always knew it would. His father promised it wouldn’t be easy. Jayden had till midnight to kill his father. If he didn’t, Will would take his own life, and Jayden’s inheritance and all of his titles would be forfeit.

Jayden climbed out of bed, ready to face the day’s challenge. By nightfall, he was going to be the new Fresh Prince.

The End


Happy birthday, Will Smith!

-Daniel Aegan

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