Daniel’s Journal #2 – My Lack of Topics

What is it about writing that inherently sends authors toward a highrise window, screaming their heads off?! It’s a passion, a need, a purpose to create and be read by the masses. But when the words won’t come? Now that’s a big fuckin’ problem.

Have I suffered from writer’s block? Not entirely, no. I’ve never sat in front of a blank screen, wondering what words to put up there. Am I special? In the sense that we’re all special, yes. My mind is an open wound, spewing forth fiction and nonsense, but mostly fiction. I couldn’t plug that hole if I wanted.

So I misled you today. I really didn’t have a blog topic, so I hooked you with the non-topic header. Then I just started typing nonsense until something came of it. In the end, isn’t that what writing is about, sifting through the nonsense and seeing which parts of it are worth holding on to?

Those of you who know me know that I can be quite boisterous and prolific at times. Other times I’m quiet and dark spirited. This is reflected in what I write, blog, tweet, etcetera. My mood determines my words, and my words determine my story.

I need to have two stories going at once, minimally. Right now I’m writing a novel called Kai the Swordsman and doing some editing for a friend on the side. I’m also working on a series under a different moniker (wink wink), and I’m thinking about my next two projects.

Kai is my exiled samurai in a fantasy world I created some time ago. My future, unwritten projects, include a dark fantasy I’ll be writing with the talented Mel Westcott and an urban horror that I’ve had in my head for a very long time. Other than those, I’m querying three novels at the moment, which are on the spectrum of dark humor, sci-fi, and horror.

I’m all over the place.

But why tell you all this? It’s not as if I was directly asked. I guess this is just my second entry, so you’ll need to learn something about me…

…and that makes up for my lack of topic.

-Daniel Aegan

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