Daniel’s Journal #1 – Look Who’s Blogging Now

Hello. I’m new here (not really).

This is my “first” journal entry. What do I do? I write, I manage, and I read tarot. I also read books, a lot of books, an exuberant amount of books.

I also use big words like “exuberant” sporadically.

There are no real reasons for an introduction here. I love interacting with people, especially readers and fellow writers. I do most of that on Twitter (@Daniel_Aegan). Drop me an @ sometime.

I’m tuned in, turned up, and over medium. I’m writing in dark fantasy, sci-fi, horror, humor, and whatever suits my mood. I’m an old fashioned soul in a new age world. I’m a dark humorist and a novelist.

And I have more interesting things to say other than introductions.

Stay tuned.

-Daniel Aegan

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