Coming Soon: Lost Women of the Admiral Inn

It’s a special time of year. The kids are returning to school, autumn is just around the corner, pumpkin flavored everything is everywhere, and it’s time for Daniel Aegan to release his second book!

That’s right! On October Seventeenth, you’re cordially invited to meet the Lost Women of the Admiral Inn. Eight spirits of dead hookers haunt the Hamilton hotel, and they’ve gotten much more amorous as of late.

But what fuels their lust and malevolence? What drives these sexy specters to solicit sex from the living? Why are these dead working girls still working?

The manager of the Admiral Inn doesn’t care why. He just wants them gone! He elicits help from a disgraced priest and a former reality TV ghost hunter. But can they get along through the one night they’re given to rid the hotel of its ghost problem? Can they work alongside two of the hotel’s employees to finish the job at hand without destroying The Admiral in the process?

The veil between our world and the one used by the dead is thinnest on Halloween night. That’s the one chance the makeshift team of exorcists have. The only way to take down the whore ghosts is one-by-one, and they only have until dawn to get it done. But each of the eight have their own reason for staying behind and present a unique challenge for the would-be exorcists.

Lost Women of the Admiral Inn is Daniel Aegan’s second published novel. It’s a work of spooky laughs, thrilling chills, and sensual delights. You won’t want to check out in the morning.

Lost Women drops on 10/17 on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. Get it just in time for Halloween!Trick or treat…


Need to check out Aegan’s first book?


Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

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