Daniel’s Journal #52 – When I Say You’re All Bots…

…I mean that you’ve been programmed to believe what your programmers want you to believe.

Please take this as a personal insult. I insist. If you did, you’re the problem. Now we know you were the problem, and we can both move on with our lives.

We’ve all been hearing about the Russian bots or the leftist bots or the whatever bots all over Twitter and Facebook. They’re back again with the 2020 election drama unfolding (already). They’re disguised as real people with fake opinions, and they’re dropping biased and oft times dubious news articles designed to piss you off. And they’re working.

This is nothing new, but we’re still falling for it. This was designed to get us all fighting one another before the 2016 election, and it worked extremely well. The Cold War never really ended, but we’re now losing it.

But I’m not here to talk about the obvious social media plants that are so obvious yet we still fall for their rhetoric every fucking time. I’m talking about the “human bots”, those who have fallen prey to the false articles and the biased “news” sources. It’s those people who are so ingrained with the idea that they’re right despite facts being against them. It’s them who will stand up and call you a communist when they’ve fallen for the Russian conspiracy against the American people.

And can you blame their hatred and paranoia? This ploy worked so well that they’ve sacrificed colleagues, friends, and family to keep it going. They’re so afraid to admit they might be wrong, it’s manifested into anger and outright rage. They were told they were under attack by the opposite side of the political spectrum, and it unwittingly turned them into the attackers. Yes, it seems America is now a hotbed of ironic discourse.

We’ve reached a point where our words do hurt. Social media had enabled treason, and they’re far from admitting it. If they wanted to do the right thing, they’d pull the plug and stop allowing these bots, human and otherwise, into our minds. But the monster is too big to stop now, and the dollar signs on the bottom line is too much to allow them to save something as pitiable as the America we once loved.

Also, I do see the hypocrisy of using Twitter and Facebook to spread this message of mine, so fuck you. If every other American can be a hypocrite, then so can I to point it out.

What can we do? It’ll fall on deaf ears, but all I can suggest is have your own mind and fuel your own opinions. We’re a lazy people, and it’s easier to have our opinions fed to us than to form our own. That’s the problem. We want to be told we’re being patriotic by our actions, fucked up as they may be. We want to believe our leaders will do right by us, because we’re too divided to get together to stop them at this point.

Remember: “Divided we fall.” Guess what… The last time we were this divided we went to war with ourselves. We, the regular Americans, hold none of the cards, but when has that ever mattered?

The right being guilty doesn’t mean the left is innocent and vice-versa. Don’t think this is a message condoning the Democrats and vilifying the Republicans. The humans of America are caught in the middle of corporate-owned politicians and billionaires at war with each other. They like us fighting, because it weakens us for them. There is an evil in America, and we’ve all been force fed its bile. Don’t ever forget that Hillary Clinton played a huge role in helping get President Trump elected.

Our president is a vile maniac. He’s making statements about buying Greenland while we’re closing in on another recession. But I’m being told that he’s just doing it to “own the libs” and expose the fake media, whatever the fuck that means. He pretty much outed himself as the antichrist the other day, and no one missed a beat. It’s a joke, and I don’t think I’m in on it.

By the way, all media is fake media now. They’re all owned by corporate billionaires, and they all have an agenda. Choose what you take away carefully. Learn to read into what’s not being said. That’s where you’ll find the truth.

But don’t take my word for any of this. Make your own damn opinion and stop letting the bots do it for you.

-Daniel Aegan


I also write stuff that’s not political garbage. Here’s a book I wrote about vampires in America:

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

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