Daniel’s Journal #38 – A WIP Wednesday Before I Disappear

I know I’ve been missing for a week and change, but I’m back.

…and I’m about to leave again.

Let me explain.

Earlier today, I found out some of Avengers: Endgame spoilers leaked out of the full diaper that is social media. As I always do with huge Marvel movies and spoilers, I’ll be taking an internet blackout until I see Endgame. It’s a necessary evil in a world that’s not all that great.

It’s update time.

I’ve been laser-focused on my Blood Drive sequel: The New Council. I didn’t mean for it to happen. I’ve been talking to so many people who have read and loved the original vampire action-comedy that I couldn’t not write a portion of The New Council.

I haven’t given up on my robotic government sci-fi work in progress: Operation: Maximum Chaos. It’s still at just under 50k, and I feel I’ll be jumping back in soon. New Council is around 30 already, and I may take a step back to digest what’s written.

I made a list too. I made a list of what I need to finish, edit, re-read, and final. This writing game ain’t easy, and I need a reminder of what’s waiting for me. Writers are a scatterbrained sort.

I’m doing my final read of Lost Women of the Admiral Inn too. It’ll be more than ready for it’s projected autumn release. Be ready for a scary funny tale about eight ghosts of dead prostitutes, five unlikely exorcists, and one crazy night.

I’ll see you after Endgame.

Hail Thanos.


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