Blood Drive is Here!

It’s new release day! My new book Blood Drive is finally available in paperback and Kindle formats!

Blood Drive by Daniel Aegan

Blood Drive is my vampiric comedy about a blood heist and a cross-country chase.

Christian and Evan are a pair of vampires with a van of blood stolen from a Red Cross drive. Their mission is simple. They have to get the blood to Los Angeles in time for their High Council’s annual gala. But Father Matthew, a heavily-armed priest, is on his own mission: to get the blood back and kill the vampires who stole it.

Along for the ride is Bart, a good ol’ boy who has a secret. When the moon is out, he turns into a werewolf, an unstoppable hunter. He takes a job to assist in the blood delivery, but will it be enough?

Dogging Father Matthew’s tracks are the Russo brothers, Nunzio and Sal. They just want to help, but they’re in way over their heads. The brothers are more used to collecting protection money than fighting off vampires and werewolves.

Join the whole gang on their trip. You won’t want it to end, but you’ll love every minute of the drive.

Head over to Amazon and check it out today!


And since I’m shamelessly self-promoting, you can check out the Blood Drive tee-shirts and hoodies too!

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