Daniel’s Journal #21 – The Pawns in the Blame Game

I’m tired of watching people point fingers at one another. I’m tired of hearing “it’s their fault” or some version of that blanket statement. I’m tired of being between the butting heads of individuals that refuse to stop, take a step back, and look for a common ground.

I speak, of course, of American politicians.

I’m a nobody to the bastards in DC. It’s a harsh truth I’ve come to accept. It sucks, but it’s how it is. Sure, I pay taxes, vote, and dump my two cents on social media, but what does that get me? I have opinions, but those are like assholes, not unlike the ones running our country.

I miss the days when I was younger. Politicians were just mosquitos then. You wave your hand in the air and ignore them. Then I got older. Now I give a shit. Now I’m caught in between a president who wants to throw a tantrum and shut down the government for his goddamn monument of a border wall and the house Democrats who want to put him in time out.

Let me put one thing out there before I continue. I’ve never considered myself a Democrat or a Republican in the past. I’m a bullshitter by trade, and I can recognize it when I see it. I saw it in Hillary Clinton. I saw it in Trump. The only outcome to the 2016 election was one steaming pile being bulldozed into the White House.

And make no mistake: I still blame Hillary for putting Trump where he is.

The next two years are going to be tough if this border wall dispute is any indication. Baby Donny had his way for half his first term with a house of coward Republicans doing his bidding, making the brat happy so he didn’t get fussy, pull his diaper off, and smear his shit all over the walls.

But those times are over, and Baby Donny was given a clear message from the house Dems: “Smear your shit all over the walls if you want. You’re the one who has to sleep there.”

Yeah, but we’re the ones living with the stench.

I don’t have a solution. Hell, I barely have a point. I’m just  being into the infinite void of the internet. Do I believe Trump will be removed from office? No. There’s always a scapegoat, and this isn’t Donny’s first rodeo. It’s on a bigger stage, sure, but he’s been dodging fireballs for a long time.

I see patterns, I always have. This Trump vs Schumer/Pelosi over the wall is just the beginning. Trump shutting down the government to prove a point is the first in a long line of business tactics. The people out of work or working without paychecks are just pawns in the game. Time will move on, the next problem will arise, and the news cycle will point its gaze elsewhere.

Be informed. They’re thriving on our ignorance and blind hate for one another. I’ll give Trump credit where it’s due. He’s damn good at turning Americans against one another, better than any of his predecessors. We’re so distracted arguing and trolling that we don’t have the energy left to take the country back.

And that’s the sad truth, mixed in there with my nonsensical rant. It’s not too late. We can still see the light, but it’s growing dimmer by the day.

-Daniel Aegan

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