Author Interview with Sara Flower Kjeldsen (@Sara_Flower) by Daniel Aegain (@Daniel_Aegan)

Check out my interview with Sara Flower Kjeldsen!

A Million And One Magazine

I came across Sara Flower Kjeldsen through a mutual friend some time ago. I picked up her book The Broken and the Foolish, and I was blown away by it. Her newest book, Sally, is out, and she agreed to do an interview to talk about writing, her books, and doing it all independently.


I’ll start with a basic question: What made you get into writing and how did you start?

I’ve been writing books since I was 6 years old and “publishing” them in class – my teacher actually asked me to slow down one time. Creating stories is my lifeblood. I became more serious about writing in my mid-20’s where I started to create novels. Interesting stories and films made me want to create my own. Later on, I wanted to be able to capture the emotional brutality – and beauty – of being human.

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