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Daniel Aegan lives a semi-private life in New Haven, Connecticut with his family. He specializes in writing mash-ups of comedy with other genres like sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. To date, he has self-published six books with many more to come.

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I’m in Sci-Fi Hell

The world is a screwed-up place. None know hat better than Ray Samson. He’s a hard-boiled Century City detective in a world where anything can and does happen. He’s seen it all, but nothing’s prepared him for the world tour on which he’s about to embark in order to stop a mad scientist form destroying everything that is and ever was. It’s sci-fi trope abuse and satire at its finest as Ray navigates through androids, superheroes, dinosaurs, aliens, wizards, topless amazons, and a whole lot more!

The New Council: Blood Drive 2

Ready for another drive?

The boys are back in the highly anticipated follow-up to the breakout hit Blood Drive. It’s time for another bloody romp through America as a new group calling itself the New Council wreaks havoc. Can they be stopped before they’re too big to confront? And what ties them to the Vatican and Father Matthew’s life? Also, who is his werewolf with a familiar name trying to kill them?!

Double Zero: An Anthology

Ten fun sci-fi and fantasy shorts in one huge collection! A couple is torn about their company selling off the dinosaur they cloned together. An incel is chased by his android sex partner. A man abducted by aliens deals with the baby they put inside his boyfriend. Enter worlds upon worlds full of time travelling pot heads, space rednecks, and juicers full of tyrannosaurus steroids. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Excalibur Nights

There isn’t much odd about Ralph’s life as a city electrician. That is unless you count the time he was trapped in a young adult fantasy book series, trying to woo his girlfriend’s literary counterpart away from a suave centaur. Don’t worry, dear reader. Ralph is just as confused as you are about the world of Excalibur Nights and his part in the daunting tale. There’s not much he knows about dining with royalty, hobnobbing with mythical creatures, and combatting mountain trolls. Then again, what electrician would?!

Kai the Swordsman: The Imprisoned King

Some Secrets should stay buried in the sand. As Kai discovers, some secrets have a way of eroding over time till nothing is left but the sun-bleached bones. He lives in exile, but the secrets of his small fishing village have cropped back up, and there is a strong thread tying them to his own bloody past, along with the emperor of the Kingdom of Hojite. Kai has taken an oath to protect, but what if saving the people of his village means possibly unleashing something much worse upon them?

Lost Women of the Admiral Inn

The Admiral Inn has a problem. it’s haunted by the ghosts of eight dead prostitutes, and the manager has had enough of them haunting his guests. Haunting isn’t all they’re doing, though. Even after death, these working girls are very much still working. Can a team of five would-be exorcists get rid of all eight ghosts in a single night? Probably not, but they’ll sure as hell try.

Blood Drive

It’s a cross-country romp with two vampires, an ornery werewolf, and a van full of stolen donor blood. It should be an easy drive for Evan and Christian, but they’re being tailed by a heavily armed priest named Father Matthew with a trunk full of stakes. To make the trip even more troublesome, a couple of Soprano wannabes are right behind Father Matthew, aching to help their local holy man survive the trip.