Daniel’s Journal #60 – As I Stare Down the Double-Barreled Impeachment Trial

I don’t like to blog about political bullshit. I never really have. Every now and then, though, it builds up inside me. When that happens, I have to let out a rant or a post or something.

Read this if you want. Don’t read it if you’re just going to use it as an excuse to troll me. Opinions are like assholes, and I got both. Just saying… Don’t blame me if you don’t like what I have to say. It’s my view and I stand by it.

That’s the hard part. Are you still with me? I hope so. I’m going to go over a lot in a short format, so bear with me. I’m going to try not to reiterate the news, whether you find it real or fake.

Keep in mind that I’m on the sidelines here. I’m a swing voter. I didn’t always follow politics, and I find it hard now. I’m not a pro-Hilary guy. In fact, I don’t like her much either. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I’m nothing, just a human who watches and listens. I read people. I always have, and I’m damn good at it.

I’ve been following the impeachment of Donald Trump as closely as I can. It’s hard with a full time job and responsibilities at home. Most of the time I can only get snippets or clips. This is a fast paced news cycle, and there’s too much information flying all over the place.

Let’s talk about Trump; my least favorite subject. At least he’s inspired some dystopian fiction for me, even though it’s starting to make me look like a damn prophet. He’s been impeached. Everyone knows it. It was a matter of time, really. He’s been a cheat and skirted the line between that and criminal for years. Do a bit of research. It’s all out there.

I’m having trouble with this whole thing. Really. I never liked him, and I never watched his show. I don’t do reality TV at all, and I’m not a wannabe billionaire-fucker. But when he won the 2016 election I wanted him to do well. I wanted him to prove me wrong, passive-aggressive as that is. He was still our president, didn’t if I didn’t like him. If he does well, then our country does well.

But he hasn’t. Not at all. He’s shown his narcissistic colors over and over and over and over. Look at what’s going on a week into his impeachment and removal trial. He’s threatening congressmen and senators. On twitter no less! Is he insane? Are we insane for allowing this? And why is he still on Twitter?!

Some day I want Twitter to have to offer an apology for their role in all this. They’ve allowed this madman to issue threats to individuals and entire nations on their platform. And they fucking love it. Make no mistake. I’ve been suspended for making a joke about poison. He can threaten to fucking bomb countries, and they’re ok. No big deal. Just out president threatening war in a tweet. Go about your business. This is America now. Long live the Troll in Chief.

Twitter loves the publicity. They always have. That’s what this is about for them. The name of their company has been in the news constantly, and it will be as long as Disco Donny tweets from the White House toilet every morning while dropping a patriotic growler. And we know Zuckerberg is full on hard for Trump and the downfall of democracy. Social Media is going to implode come November.

Yes… I do believe Donny Dumpsterfire is going to be around to run for re-election. This impeachment trial is an unfortunate joke. He’s been impeached, and that will always be a stain on his record. I hope he hates it, too. I hope it keeps him up at night. But he owns the Senate. Or enough senators to sway the trial in his favor.

Or I should say: They own him.

I have a long-standing theory. Remember it as the Senate votes along party lines for every single issue 53-47. Congress did the same thing when the GOP were running things. They love Donny despite all hating him when he was trying to get the Republican nomination back in 2016. They. Own. His. Ass.

He’ll sign anything they want. Less environmental control for all their super industry pals? Fuck clean drinking water and breathable air! Women’s rights to decide what they can do with their bodies? Wouldn’t dream of letting them make that call! Tax breaks for all your lobbyist buddies that retroactively fucks the middle class? Sure, Paul Ryan! Enjoy your kickbacks! We’ll just blame Obama. Our base is racist enough to believe that.

Therein lies the other problem. Donny isn’t hiding his second face all that well, but his supporters still line up to take bullets for him. Why? I still don’t understand it. I’ve argued with them in real life. They’ll repeat his obvious lies like it’s the gospel, and they refuse to listen to solid reason and facts. I just don’t get it.

And these aren’t stupid people like we’ve been led to believe by the leftists on social media. They’re smart people. People I once respected even. And they carry on like everything this obvious lying narcissist says is the God’s honest truth and he’s our fucking savior. Are right-wing personalities that good at brainwashing? Because I’ve heard them, and they sound like droning assholes to me.

And I’ve lost sight of my original point and sound like a crazy person now. Maybe I am. Maybe watching this wannabe Bastard King flush America down his gold toilet has gotten me a little nutty. I can’t stand watching these people tasked with upholding our lives and government fall in line and go out of their way to perpetuate and excuse his evil.

And that’s what he is: Evil. True evil, too. Not that bullshit storybook evil. He doesn’t even know it, and that’s what makes him dangerous. He truly believes what he says about himself. He knows what he did, and he thinks he’s in the right for it. He really believes wholeheartedly that he’s our messiah and that everyone who speaks ill of him is a true enemy. He’s going to make America great again, and he really thinks he can do it while making his family of plastic-coated miscreants into a new wave of American royalty. In his head, he’s our God.

And that’s should fucking scare more people.

But we’re more than three years into this farce of a presidency already. Every time I think he’s evened out and can’t get worse he finds a way. Look… He actually did prove me wrong in an act of fucked-up irony. I don’t know what’s next, but it won’t be good. The closer to November we get, the worse he’ll be. It’s going to be a bloodbath, and not in a fun sarcastic way. I mean that in a literal sense.

He’s divided us. We can’t go against him when we’re killing one another in the streets instead. This isn’t going to get easier, and I fear we’ve still just begun the descent.



Daniel Aegan

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