Chickie and the Candy House by Daniel Aegan (@Daniel_Aegan)

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A Million And One Magazine

There are horrible things in the dark places of the world; disgusting, vile, ugly things. Nobody knew this better than Chickie Davis, who had the unfortunate task of finding these dark places and ridding them of their problems, and he did it well. This task was given to him by The ACME Extermination Company.

The white and blue van moved slowly down the shady dirt road, bumping over the occasional tree root. Chickie drove carefully, not wanting to scratch or dent the company vehicle with which he had been entrusted. He had a clean driving record over the course of the last seven years, and he wanted to keep it that way. He had passed the yellow dot on the truck’s GPS five minutes ago, but the order displayed on the mobile computer said the customer’s house was at the end of the dirt road. What it neglected to say…

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